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Quick-Start Guide


You will be known for having the best tailgating grill once you have this master of a grill assembled. When it comes to chowing down some of your favorites foods our tailgate BBQ grills will be just the thing you need.  Having a portable barbecue means being able to grub with your friends while having a nice cold beer. First things first and thats making sure you assemble your new grill.

  1. With the Grill-Fryer upside down, unfold the legs and press the scissor hinges into a locked open position.
  2. The cooking saucer is not attached, and will need to be set on top once the combo grill is upright.
  3. Pick up the Grill-Fryer with the handles and flip it over. Place the saucer on top.
  4. You will need one (1) AA battery for the ignition button. Unscrew the button and place the battery inside.
  5. You'll also need fuel. Screw in a 1 lb. propane canister, which attaches to the underside of the control panel. You may also use a 20 lb. propane tank using a hose attachment (sold separately). Always detach the propane from the hybrid grill when not in use.
  6. You have three separate controls for three separate cooking areas. To turn any of them on, first press the ignition button, at which time you'll hear repetitive clicking-this means the spark ignition is activating. With the spark clicking, also press one of the control knobs in and turn counterclockwise to turn on the gas. You should be able to hear the gas ignite. You can also look through the open slots of the grill to see that a burner is lit.
  7. Make sure to never turn on the hybrid grill’s fryer without some kind of liquid inside the bowl. Use the slosh ring and the included thermometer to monitor the temperature at all times.


Now you're ready to cook.